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Thanks to everyone who has visited site so far. As this is my first attempt at a web site it is greatly appreciated ,I hope you may find it interesting and may enjoy some of the music. Also hello to my fan in Cambodia--you will receive your free flashing sporran and the £100 shortly! Am adding one or two tracks to the singles section--a recording of sporrangie which features my friend Rodger Macandrew on accordion.Rodger has played in the Portobello ceilidh for many years and back in the 70s we recorded a CD The Dour Lads which is still being played in a small village in outer Mongolia!

Next up is a song called Tram on which I have somehow recruited the vocals of rock legend Colin Stewart, lead singer of the Penetrations, based in ayrshire. Colin now stays in Dysart and we may attempt some more. We were thinking of recording a video for Tram in Amsterdam but Kirkcaldy High st will have to do!!! On the actual band side , my sons guitar teacher, Alan King, Colin and myself are preparing an assault on the Wedding Band scene but whether this will ever come into fruition is any ones guess as the practices usually end up in some sort of Led Zeppelin jam and maybe Kashmir isnt the right tune for a bridal march!

The Highland Cowboy tune, we recorded yesterday at the Shanty Shack, with Colin Mackenzie on the mandolin. The video was last year at the village festival, which was meant to have a western theme, and i came up with this after coersing one of my sons school pals to do some break dancing! Anyway, thats about all for now. Am off to the Red sea in a few weeks where the authorities want me to play the bagpipes on the beach again. They have said that after my visit last year most of the sharks headed off to Australia, though unfortunately have returned and they now require my services urgently! They, of course will be handing out earplugs to the locals and sharks is optional !!!

Launch of the Cosmic Piper website 

Well I now have my website live and have a few albums for you to listen too and download as high quality MP3 files or purchase as CD's if you wish, alongside other Cosmic Piper merchandise with the one and only unique and designed by Cosmic Piper himself,  Flashing Sporrans, yes you heard right a flashing sporran with the Scottish Saltire as one of your choices of lights, something that will certainly make you stand out from the crowds with a certainty.

Cosmic Piper